Fresh Start Health Retreat

Fresh Start is Canada's Leading Health Restoration Retreat and Spa specializing in Advanced Whole body Detoxification, Cellular Re-nourishment, Healthy Lifestyle Makeover and Natural Weight loss for Health Seekers with Mild to Moderate Health Conditions located near Campbell River, BC, Canada on a beautiful Vancouver Island.

Fresh Start offers a number of scheduled health retreats year round:


21 Day Total Health and Wellness Makeover
19 Day Optimal Wellness
16 Day Take it Deeper
14 Day Return to Health


12 Day Get Back to Shape
9 Day Push the Reset
7 Day Jump Start


5 Day Re-Energizer
4 Day Unwind
3 Day Distress
2 Day Tune-up

If you are interested in learning more about Fresh Start wellness retreat programs,please visit the for detailed program information, dates and rates.