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A Labyrinth Story

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It was almost dusk when we approached the Labyrinth. We came at it from the ocean side. There was a sign suggesting a donation was recommended before entering. I was immediately annoyed because I was unwilling to go back to my room to retrieve a donation. We had been on our motorcycles all day, I was tired and this labyrinth was a complete surprise.

So I blew off the suggestion of a donation and entered anyway. My guilt immediately struck me. It was difficult to form an intention for my walk because of this nagging realization that I will often forego someone else’s suggestions particularly when it comes at an inconvenience to me.

My husband entered the labyrinth ahead of me and I felt compelled to stay with my process versus get distracted by his. I began to soften and drop my attachment to my guilt. For just this moment, I reassured myself that it was okay to have this experience.

One interesting feature of this labyrinth was the structure of the pathway. It was entirely shaped out of driftwood that had been placed vertically in the ground side by side, the tops left different heights. Can you picture it? The walls were just tall enough to shield your view from the adjoining path.

I was struck by the wood that once lived amongst the sea and shore of this area. The wisdom that was absorbed while still alive, now encased in their weathered, twisted, sun bleached forms. Yet still radiating the essence of the once green and stretching presence.

My husband, approaching me from the opposite direction, in a different section caught my attention. He was approaching with his head turned and his lips puckered. I immediately dropped out of my meditative mind to kiss him back. I leaned over the driftwood divider at just the right moment to receive his gesture of love. As I did so I closed my eyes and waited in anticipation...and waited. I suddenly opened my eyes to investigate and soon realized he had walked past in the same head turned, lips puckered posture, only now with a wide grin on his face.

I burst into peals of laughter quickly realizing that I was disturbing the other guests in the yard. Oops.

Oh how I love this man. He always knows just how and when to make me laugh. He’s teaching me to lighten up, how to be less serious, and how to accept things as they are.

A soft breeze was now drawing my attention. I opened my arms and allowed it to flow over me, through me, and around me.

That breeze cleansed me of the irritation, quilt, and frustration of earlier. In it’s place a warm love descended on me. I began to hear a message in my head. “Be who you are Ciel. Be who you are. You are perfect. Relax... Love Yourself.... Be at Peace.

As I stood in my reverie my husband came around again. This time we shared a beautiful kiss. He took both of my hands in his, again, with the driftwood wall between us. I could feel his heart speaking to me without a word escaping his lips.

I sensed and felt the depth of his love for me and for our relationship. You see this is a second marriage for both of us. I think out of the fractures of our broken marriages we have a valuable vantage point for deeply understanding the gift that this union is to both of us.

I completed my course to the middle, pausing for a moment and quickly began my meandering exit. I was eager to feel more of this peace and certainty grounding me.

Something magical happened in that labyrinth.

I found my knowing self, my intuition, my centre.

Everything was going to be okay. I am okay.

I am perfect in my imperfection.

My penchant for worry, was just that, a habit and a default.

Under it all is PEACE. Right at the end of my fingertips, easy to access, and so much more rewards. I’m okay, everything is just as it is meant to be and I am deeply loved.

Thank you Ocean Resort Labyrinth. You reminded me of who I truly am. Shortly after returned home I felt compelled to be who I truly am, regarding, the donation at the Labyrinth. I pulled out my cheque book and sent my tithe to the resort. A tithe is meant for the place that fills your spiritual well being. Ocean Resorts labyrinth did that and so much more.

Thank you to everyone who created the structure and all those souls who laid down their energy and expectation, within that Labyrinth. It truly is steeped with magic.

Guest Blog by Ciel Ellis ~ Journalling Coach, Book binder, Artist, Goldsmith.  604-928-4971