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A New Beginning

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lucas and I are so pleased to announce the sale of Ocean Resort and Herons Landing Hotel. The new owners are Christine Qui for Ocean Resort and Gang Zhang for Herons Landing Hotel. Yes it is true! It is time for us to begin the next chapter of our lives, but before we move forward it is also a time to say thank you for all that unfolded over the last 8 years. 

It was quite a ride, which included massive renovations to both properties, and launching a relatively new business model, we dubbed spiritual tourism. There were times when we didn’t know if we would succeed and quite honestly Lucas was pulling his hair out by the roots. There were also times that we were surprised and heartened by the support from the community, facilitators, local businesses and of course our staff.  In the end both properties enjoyed success on many levels.

There are so many highlights for us including Lucas’ thriving meditation community. When he first began the meditation group, he would often be the only one in the room. Every Tuesday night he would show up and sit alone, for an hour or more. Now he regularly welcomes 15 to 20 participants. There was the early introduction of AHAM and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi to our community and the opportunity to share this life changing experience with so many friends and neighbours.  There were countless facilitators who brought their own unique brand of transformation to our little retreat many of who spent the evenings sitting on our couch, eating dinner at our table and enjoying sometimes very ordinary and sometimes very inspiring conversation.  And always, there were all of you. You showed up with your open hearts, a willingness to be seen and a desire to truly know yourselves. We watched you grow and become and it was such an honour to bare witness to that kind of transformation.

Last year when we shared the news of the pending sale with our dear friend Pamela Wilson, she offered this story that speaks to the legacy we are leaving behind.

Many years ago a great sage named Krishnamurti spent time visiting friends in New York City. While there he sought out the quiet of a small, windowless space in his friends apartment building. Every time he visited, Krishamurti would spend time alone meditating in this space. Years later, Pamela’s sister found herself living in the same apartment building in need of an extra storage room. When she approached the building manager, he took her to see a small windowless space. Upon entering the room she could feel immediately that it was infused with a beautiful feeling. She stood quietly taking in the energy and then turned to the manager and asked, “Was this room always a storage room?”  “No, no!” the manager replied. “Many years ago there was an Indian man who would come and visit one of our tenants. His name was… let me think! Oh, yes! His name was Mr. Krishna Murti!”

So dear friends, this place we call Ocean Resort is well marinated! It is permeated with a love and compassion for ourselves, for the land and for each other. It is well meditated, by all who have crossed it’s threshold.  It is a place where transformation happens, just as originally intended by Lucas. This is our legacy! This is all of our legacy! We are eternally grateful.

There are so many people that we want to thank before we say good bye, beginning with all the staff who have come and gone over the years. Our management staff put their heart and soul into our little piece of paradise. Thank you Marion Ann Berry, Dennis Gray, Adam Bartosik, Carol Kopp, Travis and Cherry Greco for all that you brought to the table here at Ocean Resort. At Herons Landing a thank you to Daniel and Kelsey Stiefvater, who brought their knowledge and experience and set the foundation for a very successful operation. A big thanks, to Janet Johnson, whose beautiful heart has gone into Herons Landing Hotel for over six years and who continues to inspire a successful team environment.

To all the facilitators and local businesses who brought their unique offerings to Ocean Resort including Ania and Vasili Kastashchuk of Fresh Start, and First Nations House of Healing, thank you so much. Special thanks to Stan Davis and Elizabeth Young who got it all started with AHAM and to Annie Rousseau (The Painting Experience), Angela Wiens (Yoga and Writing), RawRose and Nancy Moelart who were with us from the very beginning. Thank you Panache and Jan Desai, Pamela Wilson, Neale Donald Walsh and so many others who believed in us and what we had to offer and brought your extraordinary brands of personal transformation to Ocean Resort, in some cases for several years running.

Finally to all of you! Whether you attended a yoga class, walked the labyrinth or participated in Lucas’ Tuesday night meditation you honoured us with your presence. To those of you who travelled from far and wide to participate in one of the many programs offered here, we are so grateful for the opportunity to know you. Thank you each and every one of you for the piece of your heart you left behind. You are now and always will be a part of this place and in our hearts. 

So what’s next? For Ocean Resort and Herons Landing it will be business as usual. Most groups and facilitators are carrying on! The Labyrinth is still there for walking, Thursday Yoga is happening and Tuesday night meditation will continue as usual – though perhaps with a new guide.  We hope that you will join us in wishing Christine and Gang much luck and continued success and that you will support them, in the same way you supported us. 

As for Lucas and I – what does our next chapter look like? Not surprisingly we don’t know exactly. But here is what we do know. Lucas will ski and fish as much as humanly possible, we will continue to travel the world and find adventure where ever we can, and I will spend as much time as possible with my art and photography. We are moving to Victoria to be closer to some of our kids and grandkids so we expect some more family time in the mix as well. Whatever the next chapter brings, it goes without saying that we are so EXCITED!

Wishing each and every one of you all the blessings that life has to offer.

With deep, deep gratitude and so much love

Lucas and Cheryl